Natural Light


Day Lighting

Suite 226 features a full wall of North-facing windows. During daylight hours Suite 226 is brightly lit with neutral, unchanging natural light. Please observe daylight conditions as varied based on weather & season.

Sunset Lighting (Summer)

At sunset, the light comes into Suite 226 brightly and harshly, unlike any other time of day. The usual even, neutral light becomes warm and golden creating an overall ambiance and unique flares and shadows.

Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 10.51.04 PM.png



Suite 226 is located inside the 78th Street Studios art building, on the second floor, accessible by stairs only. Suite 226 is at the very end of the right-hand hallway with wood floors. The door is on the right, and marked with a plaque.


Lot parking is free and plentiful at the 78th Street Studios building. Drive down 78th Street to the “back” of the building to park and access the public building entry door under the ‘Your Art Sucks’ sign.